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1Stock Philipp - 2017 - Unraveling Hydrophobic Interactions at the Molecular...pdf.jpgStock, Philipp ; Monroe, Jacob ; Utzig, Thomas ; Shell, Scott ; Smith, David ; Valtiner, Markus Unraveling Hydrophobic Interactions at the Molecular Scale Using Force Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics SimulationsArticle Artikel 2017
2Nathala Chandra SR - 2016 - Ultrashort laser pulse ablation of copper silicon...pdf.jpgNathala, Chandra Sekher Reddy  ; Ajami, Ali ; Husinsky, Wolfgang ; Farooq, Bilal ; Kudryashov, Sergey I. ; Daskalova, Albena ; Bliznakova, Irina  ; Assion, Andreas  Ultrashort laser pulse ablation of copper, silicon and gelatin: effect of the pulse duration on the ablation thresholds and the incubation coefficientsArticle Artikel2016
3Moreno Ostertag Laila - 2018 - Tether-Length Dependence of Bias in Equilibrium...pdf.jpgMoreno Ostertag, Laila ; Utzig, Thomas ; Klinger, Christine ; Valtiner, Markus Tether-Length Dependence of Bias in Equilibrium Free-Energy Estimates for Surface-to-Molecule Unbinding ExperimentsArticle Artikel31-Oct-2018
4Gamba Oscar - 2016 - The Role of Surface Defects in the Adsorption of Methanol...pdf.jpgGamba, Oscar ; Hulva, Jan ; Pavelec, Jiri ; Bliem, Roland ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike The Role of Surface Defects in the Adsorption of Methanol on Fe3O4(001)Article Artikel 2017
5Laggner F M - 2017 - Divertor scrape-off layer and pedestal particle dynamics in...pdf.jpgLaggner, Florian ; Keerl, S. ; Gnilsen, J. ; Wolfrum, E. ; Bernert, M. ; Carralero, D. ; Guimarais, L. ; Nikolaeva, V. ; Potzel, S. ; Cavedon, M. ; Mink, F. ; Dunne, M. G. ; Birkenmeier, G. ; Fischer, R. ; Viezzer, E. ; Willensdorfer, M. ; Wischmeier, M. ; Aumayr, Friedrich  Divertor, scrape-off layer and pedestal particle dynamics in the ELM cycle on ASDEX UpgradeArticle Artikel2017
6Hu Qingyun - 2017 - Anion layering and steric hydration repulsion on positively...pdf.jpgHu, Qingyun ; Weber, Christian ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Renner, Frank Uwe ; Valtiner, Markus Anion layering and steric hydration repulsion on positively charged surfaces in aqueous electrolytesArticle Artikel 5-Sep-2017