Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

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Organization Name (de) Name der Organisation (de)
E350 - Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Organization Name (en) Name der Organisation (en)
E350 - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
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Parent OrgUnit Übergeordnete Organisation
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1Iglesias Vazquez, Felix ; Hartl, Alexander ; Zseby, Tanja ; Zimek, Arthur Anomaly detection in streaming data: A comparison and evaluation studyArticle Artikel 15-Dec-2023
2Steinbach, Johannes ; Jadachowski, Lukas ; Steinboeck, Andreas ; Kugi, Andreas Modeling and observer design of an inductive oven with continuous product flowArticle Artikel Nov-2023
3Mayrhofer-2023-Energy and Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgMayrhofer, Lukas ; Müller, Andreas ; Bügelmayer-Blaschek, Marianne ; Malla, Aadit ; Kranzl, Lukas Modelling the effect of passive cooling measures on future energy needs for the Austrian building stockArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2023
4Feiler, Georg ; Knechtelsdorfer, Ulrich ; Schwegel, Michael ; Kugi, Andreas Mechatronic design of a class of planar cable-driven parallel robotsArticle Artikel Oct-2023
5Ott, Christian Manipulation and locomotion with elastic robotsPresentation Vortrag21-Sep-2023
6Achleitner, Franz ; Arnold, Anton ; Carlen, Eric ; Jüngel, Ansgar ; Mehrmann, Volker The Hypocoercivity Index for the short time behavior of linear time-invariant ODE systemsPresentation Vortrag18-Sep-2023
7Isceri, Stefania ; Giparakis, Miriam ; Schrenk, Werner ; Schwarz, Benedikt ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell 4.3 µm InAs/AlSb Quantum Cascade Detector Strain-Balanced to a GaSb SubstratePresentation Vortrag18-Sep-2023
8Isceri, Stefania ; Giparakis, Miriam ; Svagera, Robert ; Waas, Monika ; Butera, Valeria ; Kolibalova, E. ; Man, O. ; Fischer, L. ; Detz, Hermann ; Schrenk, Werner ; Strasser, Gottfried ; Bühler-Paschen, Silke ; Andrews, Aaron Maxwell Improved epitaxy ofunconventional metals for quantum applicationsPresentation Vortrag16-Sep-2023
9Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Szeles, Jozsef Constantin Auricular vagus neuromodulation: from basics to modeling to applicationsPresentation Vortrag15-Sep-2023
10Behrle, Raphael ; Sistani, Masiar ; Barth S. ; Murphey, Corban G.E. ; Cahoon, J. F. ; Den Hertog, Martien ; Momtaz, Zahra Sadre ; Weber, Walter Michael Electrical Transport in Monolithic Al-Si/Al-Ge Heterojunction based Nanowire Schottky Barrier Field-Effect TransistorsPresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2023
11Jukić, Domagoj-Krešimir ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal dynamic operation of pumped storage power plants with variable and fixed speed generatorsArticle Artikel Sep-2023
12Maderthaner, Jakob ; Kugi, Andreas ; Kemmetmüller, Wolfgang Optimal control of the part mass for the injection molding processArticle Artikel Sep-2023
13Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Golab, Antonia ; Perger, Theresia ; Auer, Johann Designing a model for the cost-optimal decommissioning and refurbishment investment decision for gas networks: Application on a real test bed in Austria until 2050Article Artikel Sep-2023
14Strasser, Gottfried On-Chip Sensing Monolithically Integrated Quantum Cascade DevicesPresentation Vortrag29-Aug-2023
15Kropatschek, Sebastian ; Hollerer, Siegfried ; Hoffman, David ; Winkler, Dietmar ; Lüder, Arndt ; Sauter, Thilo ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Biffl, Stefan Combining Models for Safety and Security Concerns in Automating Digital ProductionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 22-Aug-2023
16Hollerer, Siegfried ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Sauter, Thilo Safety and Security: A Field of Tension in Industrial PracticeInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 22-Aug-2023
17Seitz-2023-Frontiers in Physiology-vor.pdf.jpgSeitz, Tamara ; Bergmayr, Franziska ; Kitzberger, Reinhard ; Holbik, Johannes ; Grieb, Alexander ; Hind, Julian ; Lucny, Felix ; Tyercha, Alexander ; Neuhold, Stephanie ; Krenn, Claus ; Wenisch, Christoph ; Zoufaly, Alexander ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Szeles, Jozsef Constantin Randomized controlled study to evaluate the safety and clinical impact of percutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation in patients with severe COVID-19Article Artikel 8-Aug-2023
18Weingartshofer-2023-Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing-vor.pdf.jpgWeingartshofer, Thomas ; Bischof, Bernhard ; Meiringer, Martin ; Hartl-Nesic, Christian ; Kugi, Andreas Optimization-based path planning framework for industrial manufacturing processes with complex continuous pathsArticle Artikel Aug-2023
19Ceric, Hajdin ; Lacerda de Orio, Roberto ; Selberherr, Siegfried Statistical Study of Electromigration in Gold InterconnectsArticle Artikel Aug-2023
20Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Golab, Antonia ; Auer, Johann Exploring the Role of Europe in the global LNG Market Equilibrium until 2040Presentation Vortrag26-Jul-2023