Forschungsbereich Intelligente Mechatronische Systeme

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E376-01 - Forschungsbereich Intelligente Mechatronische Systeme
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Research Division
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1Pechgraber, Daniel ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg Resonant Rotational Reluctance Actuator for Large Range Scanning MirrorsArticle Artikel 25-Jul-2023
2Wertjanz, Daniel ; Kern, Thomas ; Csencsics, Ernst Karl ; Schitter, Georg Feedforward compensation of scan-induced disturbances for a high-precision robotic 3D measurement systemInproceedings KonferenzbeitragJul-2023
3Pechhacker, Alexander ; Wertjanz, Daniel ; Csencsics, Ernst Karl ; Schitter, Georg Integrated electromagnetic actuator with adaptable zero power gravity compensationArticle Artikel 26-Jun-2023
4Schwaer, Christian ; Sinn, Andreas ; Schröer, Lukas ; Wallner, Tobias ; Schitter, Georg Active lateral support system for a thin 1-meter meniscus mirror with virtual fixed pointsArticle Artikel Jun-2023
5Csencsics, Ernst Karl ; Schlarp, Johannes ; Glaser, Tobias ; Wolf, Tobias ; Schitter, Georg Reducing the Speckle-induced Measurement Uncertainty in Laser Triangulation SensorsArticle Artikel 2023
6Wertjanz, Daniel ; Berlakovich, Nikolaus ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg Range extension for large-scale robotic precision 3-D measurements in vibration-prone environmentsArticle Artikel 2023
7Ojdanic, Denis ; Sinn, Andreas ; Naverschnigg, Christopher ; Schitter, Georg Feasibility Analysis of Optical UAV Detection Over Long Distances Using Robotic TelescopesArticle Artikel 2023
8Wertjanz, Daniel ; Kern, Thomas ; Csencsics, Ernst Karl ; Schitter, Georg Robot-based measurement system for double-sided inspection of optical componentsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023
9Csencsics, Ernst ; Friedl, Benjamin ; Schitter, Georg Shaping the Dynamics of a Low-Stiffness Positioning System by Mechatronic Design for Enabling Stable Unity Gain FeedbackArticle Artikel 2023
10Hackl, Thomas ; Poik, Mathias ; Schitter, Georg Heterodyne AC Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy for Nanoscale Surface Potential Imaging in LiquidsArticle Artikel 19-Dec-2022
11Berlakovich, Nikolaus ; Fuerst, Martin ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg Improving the precision of parallel registration by incorporating a priori informationArticle Artikel 27-Oct-2022
12Naverschnigg, Christopher ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg Flexible Robot-Based In-Line Measurement System for High-Precision Optical Surface InspectionArticle Artikel 25-Oct-2022
13Haider, Christian ; Fuerst, Martin E. ; Laimer, Matthias ; Csencsics, Ernst ; Schitter, Georg Range-extended confocal chromatic sensor system for double-sided measurement of optical components with high lateral resolutionArticle Artikel 25-Oct-2022
14Resetarits-2022-Controlling concurrent events in IEC 61499 based systems o...-am.pdf.jpgResetarits, Martin ; Merkumians, Martin Melik ; Schitter, Georg Controlling concurrent events in IEC 61499 based systems on FPGAsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 25-Oct-2022
15Berlakovich, Nikolaus ; Fürst, Martin Ephraim ; Csencsics, Ernst Karl ; Schitter, Georg Reconstruction of optical wavefronts with parallel registration algorithmsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 3-Oct-2022
16Nalbach, Mathis ; Sensini, Alberto ; Motoi, Naoki ; Rufin, Manuel ; Andriotis, Orestis ; Zucchelli, Andrea ; Schitter, Georg ; Cristofolini, Luca ; Thurner, Philipp Time-dependent mechanics of individual collagen fibrils and electrospun fibresPresentation Vortrag22-Sep-2022
17Schwaer, Christian ; Sinn, Andreas ; Schitter, Georg ; Navarro, Ramón ; GEYL, Roland Development of active optics for thin meniscus mirrors in 1-meter-class telescopesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag29-Aug-2022
18Sinn-2022-Feed-forward vibration compensation for small telescopes-ao.pdf.jpgSinn, Andreas ; Schachner, Stephan ; Riel, Thomas ; Schwaer, Christian ; Schitter, Georg ; Navarro, Ramón ; GEYL, Roland Feed-forward vibration compensation for small telescopesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 29-Aug-2022
19Sinn-2022-High-bandwidth tip-tilt compensation for small telescope systems-ao.pdf.jpgSinn, Andreas ; Schwaer, Christian ; Kremsner, Peter ; Schitter, Georg ; Schreiber, Laura ; Schmidt, Dirk ; Vernet, Elise High-bandwidth tip-tilt compensation for small telescope systemsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 29-Aug-2022
20Hackl, Thomas ; Poik, Mathias ; Schitter, Georg Electrostatic Actuation of AFM Cantilevers in Aqueous SolutionsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 25-Aug-2022