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1Ricco, Samuele ; Torricelli, Andrea A necessary condition for extremality of solutions to autonomous obstacle problems with general growthArticle Artikel Apr-2024
2Fellner-2024-Nonlinear Analysis-vor.pdf.jpgFellner, Markus ; Jüngel, Ansgar Existence analysis of a cross-diffusion system with nonlinear Robin boundary conditions for vesicle transport in neuritesArticle Artikel Apr-2024
3Fellner-2024-Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics-vor.pdf.jpgFellner, Markus ; Jüngel, Ansgar A coupled stochastic differential reaction–diffusion system for angiogenesisArticle Artikel 1-Mar-2024
4Jüngel, Ansgar Martingale solutions to stochastic cross-diffusion systems: A new regularization procedurePresentation Vortrag14-Feb-2024
5Ricco, Samuele Multiphase Bilayered Materials: Asymptotic Rigidity and Homogenization in Single-Slip Finite Crystal PlasticityPresentation Vortrag30-Jan-2024
6Jüngel, Ansgar Cross-diffusion systems for segregating populations with incomplete diffusionPresentation Vortrag22-Jan-2024
7Melenk, Jens Markus ; Bahr, Björn ; Faustmann, Markus ; Marcati, Carlo ; Schwab, Christoph hp-FEM for the integral fractional Laplacian in polygonsPresentation Vortrag10-Jan-2024
8Gerencser, Mate Fractional KPZ equations - an overlap of subcriticality and trivialityPresentation Vortrag4-Jan-2024
9Sky, Adam ; Neunteufel, Michael ; Lewintan, Peter ; Zilian, Andreas ; Neff, Patrizio Novel H (sym Curl)-conforming finite elements for the relaxed micromorphic sequenceArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2024
10Innerberger-2024-ESAIM-MATHEMATICAL MODELLING AND NUMERICAL ANALYSIS-vor.pdf.jpgInnerberger, Michael ; Miraçi, Ani ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Streitberger, Julian hp-robust multigrid solver on locally refined meshes for FEM discretizations of symmetric elliptic PDEsArticle Artikel Jan-2024
11Huo-2024-Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics-vor.pdf.jpgHuo, Xiaokai ; Jüngel, Ansgar Global Existence and Weak-Strong Uniqueness for Chemotaxis Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations Modeling Vascular Network FormationArticle Artikel 2024
12Schuh, Katharina Johanna Nonlinear Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and its Particle ApproximationPresentation Vortrag14-Dec-2023
13Modiz, Corinna ; Horvath, Clara Simulation of hormone trajectories through data-driven calibration of thyroid modelsPresentation Vortrag1-Dec-2023
14Faustmann, Markus ; Marcati, Carlo ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Schwab, Christoph Exponential Convergence of hp-FEM for the Integral Fractional Laplacian in PolygonsArticle Artikel Dec-2023
15Angleitner-2023-Advances in Computational Mathematics-vor.pdf.jpgAngleitner, Niklas ; Faustmann, Markus ; Melenk, Jens Markus H-inverses for RBF interpolationArticle Artikel Dec-2023
16Pircher, Ciara ; Bachler, Martin ; Ahlström, Christer ; Mayer, Christopher C. ; Hametner, Bernhard Fit for Duty Assessment of Driver Fatigue based on Statistical Modelling of Cardiovascular ParametersArticle Artikel Dec-2023
17Neunteufel, Michael ; Gopalakrishnan, Jay ; Schöberl, Joachim ; Wardetzky, Max Analysis of distributional Riemann curvature tensor in any dimensionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag30-Nov-2023
18Gavioli, Chiara ; Davoli, Elisa ; Lombardini, Luca A fractional Cahn-Hilliard problemPresentation Vortrag28-Nov-2023
19Ricco, Samuele Multiphase bilayered materials: asymptotic rigidity in single-slip finite crystal plasticityPresentation Vortrag24-Nov-2023
20D'Elia, Lorenza Homogenization of supremal functionals in vectorial settingPresentation Vortrag24-Nov-2023