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E164-03-1 - Forschungsgruppe Anorganische Werkstoffe
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1Linhardt-2023-Materials and Corrosion-vor.pdf.jpgLinhardt, Paul ; Biezma, Maria V. ; Haubner, Roland ; Schuster, Roman ; Wojcik, Tomasz Hollow wire corrosion of stainless steel ropes in a marine mooring system and its relation to microstructureArticle Artikel Jun-2023
2Pfaffinger-2023-Advanced Engineering Materials-vor.PDF.jpgPfaffinger, Verena ; Staufer, Ella ; Edtmaier, Christian ; Arnoldt, Aurel ; Schmitz-Niederau, Martin ; Horky, Jelena ; Klein, Thomas Insights into Phase Evolution and Mechanical Behavior of the Eutectoid Ti‐6.4(wt.%)Ni Alloy Modified with Fe and CrArticle Artikel 18-May-2023
3Haubner, Roland ; Mori, Gregor Hochtemperaturkorrosion beim thermischen Recycling von Kunststoffen in einer ReOil-AnlagePresentation Vortrag12-May-2023
4Haubner-2023-Praktische Metallographie-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, Roland Garment buttons from a Hallstatt period tumulusArticle Artikel May-2023
5Miksovsky, Philipp ; Rauchenwald, Katharina ; Horn, Elias N. ; Naghdi, Shaghayegh ; Eder, Dominik ; Konegger, Thomas ; Schnürch, Michael ; Schröder, Katharina Continuous Formation of Bioderived Carbonates in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Catalyzed by Supported Ionic LiquidsPresentation Vortrag25-Apr-2023
6Haubner, Roland ; Strobl, Susanne Material studies of Roman bronze parts from the archaeological site of Burg, BurgenlandPresentation Vortrag12-Apr-2023
7Haubner-2023-Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, Roland ; Strobl, Susanne Investigations on Copper Cast Cakes, Sickle Fragments and a Spout Axe of the Hoard Find from Drassburg/BurgenlandArticle Artikel Apr-2023
8Haubner-2023-Journal of Archaeological Science Reports-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, Roland ; Strobl, Susanne ; Trebsche, Peter Materialographic investigations of plate slags from the Late Bronze Age copper production site of Prigglitz-Gasteil (Lower Austria)Article Artikel Apr-2023
9Haubner-2023-Materials Science Forum-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, Roland ; Strobl, Susanne Direct Production of Tin Bronzes from Copper and CassiteriteArticle Artikel 24-Mar-2023
10Haubner-2023-Solid State Phenomena-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, Roland ; Strobl, Susanne Slag from Modern Copper Production Found in Bergwerk, Burgenland, AustriaArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2023
11Linhardt, Paul ; Biezma, María Victoria ; Strobl, Susanne ; Haubner, Roland Influence of Cavitation in Seawater on the Etching Attack of Manganese-Aluminum-BronzesArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2023
12Ostermann-2023-Tungsten-vor.pdf.jpgOstermann, Markus ; Haubner, Roland Deposition of nano-crystalline tungsten carbide powders from gaseous WO₂(OH)₂Article Artikel Mar-2023
13Strobl-2023-Materials Science Forum-vor.pdf.jpgStrobl, Susanne ; Haubner, Roland Characterisation of a San Mai Steel Composite for the Manufacture of KnivesArticle Artikel Mar-2023
14Essmeister-2023-Open Ceramics-vor.pdf.jpgEssmeister, Johannes ; Schachtner, Lisa ; Szoldatits, Eva Maria ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Lichtenegger, Antonia ; Baumann, Bernhard ; Föttinger, Karin ; Konegger, Thomas Polymer-derived Ni/SiOC materials structured by vat-based photopolymerization with catalytic activity in CO₂ methanationArticle Artikel 2023
15Nimmervoll-2022-Materials and Corrosion-vor.pdf.jpgNimmervoll, Manuela ; Mori, Gregor ; Bucher, Edith ; Hönig, Stefan ; Haubner, Roland High temperature corrosion behavior of alloys in reducing HCl and H2S containing environments: Thermodynamical and experimental assessmentArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2022
16Haubner, Roland EditorialArticle Artikel 30-Nov-2022
17Haubner-2022-Praktische Metallographie-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, R. ; Strobl, Susanne Metallography on a sickle fragment from the Drassburg/Burgenland hoard findArticle Artikel 30-Nov-2022
18Haubner-2022-Praktische Metallographie-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, R. ; Strobl, Susanne Slags from Bronze Age copper production in Acqua FreddaArticle Artikel 30-Nov-2022
19Haubner-2022-Praktische Metallographie-vor.pdf.jpgHaubner, R. ; Strobl, Susanne Microstructure of an extraordinary Bronze Age copper ingot with a high antimony contentArticle Artikel 30-Nov-2022
20Haubner, Roland Interview with guest editor Prof. Roland HaubnerSpecial Contribution Spezialbeitrag30-Nov-2022