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1Sologub Oksana - 2017 - Zr doped -rhombohedral boron widely variable Seebeck...pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana; Salamakha, Leonid; Stöger, Berthold; Michiue, Yuichi ; Mori, Takao Zr doped β-rhombohedral boron: widely variable Seebeck coefficient and structural propertiesArticle Artikel2017
2Salamakha Leonid - 2017 - ScRu2B3 and Sc2RuB6 new borides featuring a 2D...pdf.jpgSalamakha, Leonid; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Rogl, Peter ; Waas, Monika; Kapustianyk, Volodymyr ; Bauer, ErnstScRu2B3 and Sc2RuB6, new borides featuring a 2D infinite boron clusteringArticle Artikel2017
3Salamakha Leonid - 2015 - Pt1-xCux3Cu2B and Pt9Cu3B5 the first examples of...pdf.jpgSalamakha, Leonid; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst ; Rogl, Peter (Pt1-xCux)3Cu2B and Pt9Cu3B5, the first examples of copper platinum borides. Observation of superconductivity in a novel boron filled β-Mn-type compoundArticle Artikel2015
4Sologub Oksana - 2015 - Pt-B system re-visited Pt2B a new structure type of...pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana ; Salamakha, Leonid; Rogl, Peter ; Stöger, Berthold ; Bauer, Ernst ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Giester, Gerald ; Waas, Monika ; Svagera, Robert Pt-B system re-visited: Pt2B, a new structure type of binary borides. Ternary WAl12-type derivative boridesArticle Artikel2015
5Salamakha Leonid - 2017 - Pd6CuB3 - a new structure type of borides Th7Fe3-type...pdf.jpgSalamakha, Leonid; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold; Rogl, Peter ; Waas, Monika ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst Pd6CuB3 - a new structure type of borides. Th7Fe3-type derivative structures in Pd(Pt)-Cu-B systemsArticle Artikel2017
6Sologub Oksana - 2017 - On the boron rich phases in the Yb-B system.pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana; Salamakha, Leonid; Stöger, Berthold; Rogl, Peter; Mori, Takao ; Eguchi, Gaku ; Michor, Herwig; Bauer, ErnstOn the boron rich phases in the Yb-B systemArticle Artikel2017
7Ali Tahir - 2017 - Neutron diffraction study of superconducting La3Ni2B2N3.pdf.jpgAli, Tahir ; Steiner, Soner ; Ritter, Clemens ; Michor, Herwig Neutron diffraction study of superconducting La3Ni2B2N3−δArticle Artikel2017
8Sistani Masiar - 2018 - Monolithic axial and radial metal-semiconductor nanowire...pdf.jpgSistani, Masiar  ; Luong, Minh Anh ; Den Hertog, Martien ; Robin, Eric ; Spies, Maria ; Fernandez, Bruno ; Yao, Jun ; Bertagnolli, Emmerich ; Lugstein, Alois Monolithic axial and radial metal–semiconductor nanowire heterostructuresArticle Artikel 2018
9Michor Herwig - 2017 - Magnetic properties of HoCoC2 HoNiC2 and their solid...pdf.jpgMichor, Herwig; Steiner, Soner; Schumer, Alexander ; Hembara, Mykola ; Levytskyy, Volodymyr ; Babizhetskyy, Volodymyr ; Kotur, Bogdan Magnetic properties of HoCoC2, HoNiC2 and their solid solutionsArticle Artikel2017
10Sologub Oksana - 2016 - Incorporation of platinum atoms in a silicon-free boride...pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana; Salamakha, Leonid; Stöger, Berthold ; Rogl, Peter; Michor, Herwig; Bauer, ErnstIncorporation of platinum atoms in a silicon-free boride of the YB50-type structureArticle Artikel2016
11Michor Herwig - 2017 - Elucidating the lack of magnetic order in the heavy...pdf.jpgMichor, Herwig; Sereni, Julian G. ; Giovannini, Mauro ; Kampert, Erik ; Salamakha, Leonid ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Bauer, ErnstElucidating the lack of magnetic order in the heavy fermion CeCu2MgArticle Artikel2017
12Salamakha Leonid - 2017 - Crystal structure and physical properties of UMo3B7.pdf.jpgSalamakha, Leonid; Sologub, Oksana ; Rizzoli, Corrado ; Michor, Herwig ; Gonҫalves, Antonio P. ; Rogl, Peter ; Bauer, Ernst Crystal structure and physical properties of UMo3B7Article Artikel2017
13Himmelbauer T - 2017 - Comments on Thermoelectric properties of rare earth...pdf.jpgHimmelbauer, T. ; Prokofiev, Andrey Comments on ‘‘Thermoelectric properties of rare earth containing type-I clathrate compound, Dy8Al16Si30’’Article Artikel2017
14Sologub Oksana - 2016 - Boron induced structure modifications in Pd-Cu-B system...pdf.jpgSologub, Oksana ; Salamakha, Leonid; Eguchi, Gaku ; Stöger, Berthold ; Rogl, Peter ; Bauer, Ernst Boron induced structure modifications in Pd-Cu-B system: new Ti2Ni-type derivative borides Pd3Cu3B and Pd5Cu5B2Article Artikel2016
15Eder Andreas - 2016 - Aspects of thin film deposition on granulates by physical...pdf.jpgEder, Andreas ; Schmid, Gerwin H. S. ; Mahr, Harald ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, ChristophAspects of thin film deposition on granulates by physical vapor depositionArticle Artikel2016